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Herva from Camlee AU2012203042   -SOLD-

Herva will turn 5 this year. She is owned by Sue and Ross Macaw, but currently located at our farm for further training.

I have briefly started Herva early this year at Camlee.  In May she came to our farm for some more education. Herva has been ridden out by herself and in a group.  She is a very sensitive and responsive filly. She would be suitable for an expierenced and confident rider. Herva is a beautiful moving horse with great potential and with good beat in trot and canter. She is offering a lot of tölt. Herva is a Haukur fra Studlum daughter and out of the New Zealand bred mare Hrefna from Vindholar Southern Icelandics.

Please do not hesitate to ask more questions regarding Herva. Price on request.

Lisetta from Camlee AU2013203041   Lisetta will used for breeding by us this season and will become available again with weaning of her foal.

Lisetta is also owned by Sue and Ross Macaw, she is located in Foster. She is a 5yo bay filly with a star. Her dam is Guthny from Camlee and her sire Halfdan from Haldane. Lisetta has had all basic groundwork and was started in January 2018. Lisetta is four gaited with lots of tolt. She is a very curious and clever little girl. She is always willing and eager to work with you. Lisetta has been ridden out by herself around the property. After a  break over winter, has Ross started taking her out on trail rides. She is very willing and offers lots of tolt. Price on request.

Otur form Camlee AU2013103040

5yo gelding, black, 14.1hh

Dam: Hrefna from Vindholar Southern Icelandics   

Sire: Hálfdan from Haldane Icelandic Horses

Otur is a very friendly and lovely natured boy. He is very gentle and kind and learns very quickly. He is a very calm and confident riding horse. Trail rides on is own and in company are no worries at all. He is very balanced with comfortable gaits. We will start the tolt training with him soon.

Price on request.

Lakkur from Camlee AU2012103040  -SOLD-

5yo gelding, black, 13.2hh

Dam:   Guthny from Camlee                         

Sire: Hálfdan from Haldane Icelandic Horses

Lakkur is s a very sweet and gentle gelding. He was started under saddle January 2017. He had basic schooling and mainly trail riding experience. He had a tolt training session in June 2017 and has a well established supple, slow to medium tempo tolt. The gaits are well separated and easy to ride. He is in further training now to improve his tolt and general schooling.

Lakkur is a very sensitive horse that needs an understanding and calm rider. Once he knows his rider he is a wonderful companion and will do anything for you. He has a very willing and eager work ethic. He is great to ride out with other horses and is also fantastic on his own. Lakkur has a solid trot and a nice canter.  20meter canter circles are no problem for him and he tries to work in a very soft frame.                                                                           

Roskur from Camlee AU2014103042   -sold-

5yo gelding, black, 13.2hh

Dam: Arna from Camlee        

Sire: Hálfdan from Haldane Icelandic Horses

Röskur is a stunning boy, with lots of mane and big movements. Röskur has a big personality. He is very smart and picks new things up very quickly. He is always respectful and kind but needs an experienced home. Röskur will be a fun horse with lots of potential to be an ambassador for his breed or show is talents in the dressage arena. He shows tolt in the transitions.

Röskur was briefly started in January this year and is with us now for further training until he is ready for his new person. I have started riding him in the arena and out around the property. Roskur is now back at Camlee and after some time off, Ross is now taking him out on trail rides. Price on request.

Second Hand Saddles

​Bates Icelandic

17” seat, medium gulltet. The gullet is interchangeable. As new condition. Only very few marks from leathers. The saddle was purchased early 2017 and has only been used for a few months.


$1500, unmounted, incl.cover

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