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We currently do have one of our broodmares for sale. And we are breeding from our fantastic mares with carefully selected stallions and we may have a youngster available in the near future. Our mares receive the best of care throughout their pregnancies with hard feeds and minerals to meet their needs. Their feet are trimmed every 8-10 weeks and wormed regularly. The same concept applies for our foals. They get halter trained from an early stage, wormed and trimmed regularly. All foals are microchipped, registered and DNA tested early on. They grow up in a herd environment and get sequences of groundwork until we start their riding career once they are 4years or older. All our mares are started under saddle and have proven to be enjoyable riding horses with easy trainable gaits and good temperaments.


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Elja from Litli Stadur AU2012203050

in foal to Sólskin  from Pennys Road Icelandic AU2016106001

Elja is an absolute beautiful black mare. I had her since she was a yearling. She is 8 years old now. She was started under saddle when she was 4 and had a few little training sessions in between foals. Means she had a basic education including trail riding and a little bit of arena schooling. Elja is a very sensitive mare with a lot of go, which makes her only suitable for experienced riders at this stage of her education. She is an absolute joy to ride out on trails. She has very comfortable natural tolt and a big stride in the trot. Her canter is fast due to being five gaited and she has fantastic flying pace abilities.

Elja had two really promising fillies from Lotto. Both are showing amazing temperaments and gaits. I have decided to keep both her fillies and that’s why I had to make the hard decision to sell Elja so she can give someone else some beautiful foals too. Being a small stud, I can’t keep them all unfortunately. She is in foal to my young stallion Sólskin. His first foal this year has absolutely blown me away. Solly is fivegaited as well and really amazing to ride and handle.

Elja is good for the vet, farrier and to load. She is the top of the herd here and a very sensible horse amongst others. Elja is due to foal around the 29th of September 2021. She was scanned twice by SWE Veterinary. Elja has currently no foal by foot, which means she is ready to settle into a new home right away. Options to foal down here can be discussed or if you prefer to take her later without a foal.

Elja is approx.1,36m, both her foals seem to get a bit taller than herself. She is strong build with very good legs and great quality feet. Her bloodlines make her a very interesting mare to breed with in Australia.

Sire:  CA2002101626 - Dagfari from Clear Lake Farm

Dam: US2004202667 - Funa from Icelandic Magic

Price: $16,900 (incl.the foal).

Looking to sell your horse? We offer commission sales contracts which include training, advertisement and presentation to new potential buyers. Contact us for more information!


Herva from Camlee AU2012203042   -SOLD-

Herva will turn 5 this year. She is owned by Sue and Ross Macaw, but currently located at our farm for further training.

I have briefly started Herva early this year at Camlee.  In May she came to our farm for some more education. Herva has been ridden out by herself and in a group.  She is a very sensitive and responsive filly. She would be suitable for an expierenced and confident rider. Herva is a beautiful moving horse with great potential and with good beat in trot and canter. She is offering a lot of tölt. Herva is a Haukur fra Studlum daughter and out of the New Zealand bred mare Hrefna from Vindholar Southern Icelandics.

Please do not hesitate to ask more questions regarding Herva. Price on request.


Lisetta from Camlee AU2013203041   -SOLD-

Lisetta is also owned by Sue and Ross Macaw, she is located in Foster. She is a 5yo bay filly with a star. Her dam is Guthny from Camlee and her sire Halfdan from Haldane. Lisetta has had all basic groundwork and was started in January 2018. Lisetta is four gaited with lots of tolt. She is a very curious and clever little girl. She is always willing and eager to work with you. Lisetta has been ridden out by herself around the property. After a  break over winter, has Ross started taking her out on trail rides. She is very willing and offers lots of tolt. Price on request.

Lakkur from Camlee AU2012103040  -SOLD-

5yo gelding, black, 13.2hh

Dam:   Guthny from Camlee                         

Sire: Hálfdan from Haldane Icelandic Horses

Lakkur is s a very sweet and gentle gelding. He was started under saddle January 2017. He had basic schooling and mainly trail riding experience. He had a tolt training session in June 2017 and has a well established supple, slow to medium tempo tolt. The gaits are well separated and easy to ride. He is in further training now to improve his tolt and general schooling.

Lakkur is a very sensitive horse that needs an understanding and calm rider. Once he knows his rider he is a wonderful companion and will do anything for you. He has a very willing and eager work ethic. He is great to ride out with other horses and is also fantastic on his own. Lakkur has a solid trot and a nice canter.  20meter canter circles are no problem for him and he tries to work in a very soft frame.                                                                           


Roskur from Camlee AU2014103042   -sold-

5yo gelding, black, 13.2hh

Dam: Arna from Camlee        

Sire: Hálfdan from Haldane Icelandic Horses

Röskur is a stunning boy, with lots of mane and big movements. Röskur has a big personality. He is very smart and picks new things up very quickly. He is always respectful and kind but needs an experienced home. Röskur will be a fun horse with lots of potential to be an ambassador for his breed or show is talents in the dressage arena. He shows tolt in the transitions.

Röskur was briefly started in January this year and is with us now for further training until he is ready for his new person. I have started riding him in the arena and out around the property. Roskur is now back at Camlee and after some time off, Ross is now taking him out on trail rides. Price on request.

Gear for Sale

Stuebben Benny’s Harmony FOCUS

I have a beautiful brown Stuebben Focus for sale on behalf of the owner. The saddle is like new, it had maybe a handful rides in it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit the horse it was bought for. It has a size 31 gullet and about 17 inch seat (feels a bit bigger due to the bit flatter seat than your average dressage saddle). Everything is in perfect condition. Gorgeous finishes on the seat. The saddle is new a bit over $4000. Selling it for $3400, which is an amazing price for this excellent quality and hardly used saddle. It comes unmounted, but with its original Stuebben cover.